Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Sometimes I think about how unpredictable and fleeting life can be. How I don't know when our vows of "till death do us part" will come true. Instead of dwelling on how scary that can seem, I won't take advantage of the wonderful quirks of what makes my husband the man I love and like.

What I like about David is that his enthusiasm for everything makes me feel like I could do anything, even if just for a second.

What I like about David is his genuine love for people.
    And me.

I like David because he tells me his dreams.
I like David because he has a new dream almost every day.
I like David because he includes me in these dreams.

I like David’s laugh.
When everyone in a restaurant turns their heads to see who belongs to that boisterous laugh, I like him.

Once, he put on Andrew Byrd and started to dance wildly around the room and took me with him and we danced like silly little kids without saying one word and we weren’t embarrassed, and I liked him. 

When he stood up to give a toast honoring me in front of our empty living room, I liked him.

When he forgets everything he needs for the day and yet still seems so adorable, I like him.
When he tickles my back even though he hates doing it, I really like him.

I like David because he is never afraid to show his affection toward me,
even when I'm mad at him.
Or he's mad at me.

The night I got sick on our vacation and he carried me off of our bed and cleaned the mess up himself, I really liked him.

When he sits up in bed in the middle of the night, gives me a kiss, turns over and then has no recollection of it in the morning, I like him.

Once, he sang bohemian rhapsody using my leg as both a microphone and a guitar, and I liked him. 

When he took charge of our finances and spent days organizing it to protect what he is providing for me, I liked that.
When he reads the Bible to me as if it’s his greatest treasure, I like him.

When I imagine him as a dad, I like him.
When he tries to turn anything we are planning into an excel spreadsheet, I like him.

When he rides his scooter and his legs stick out a little because he is 6’2,” I really like him.

When he makes the bed in the morning, I like him.
            When he leaves it messy and runs out in a hurry, I like him too.
                     When his hair looks like the messy covers, I especially like him.

When he uses funny words like “jiggery-pokery” because he was a literature major, I like him.

When he calls me pickle.
When he brings me coffee.
When he is enthusiastic about anything I cook.
I like him.
         The way his voice sounds like Louis Armstrong in the morning
                                    The way he looks at me when we are eating dinner.
                           The way he holds my hand. I like him.

I think why I like David has something to do with why I like coffee

 and a little something that gets me excited about waking up each day.

 Happy 6 months to the greatest man I know.
Love always, Your Pickle