Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A year in pictures

It's been so long that I have been consistent in my writing that I decided to sum up my year in pictures...it was fun exercise, reminding me of some great memories. Enjoy!

April: Summer Love's birthday...notice how similar taylor and I look? haha
May: The Keys with my mom, Crystal and her mom and Chelsea. Fun!
June: An example of the hilarious quotes that end up on our house quote board
July: Taylor moves in! We are room neighbors!
August: I graduated from undergrad and went with these two to New Orleans!
September: My beautiful room :-)
October: A strange picture, I know. But this was the retreat where I met my sweetheart, David Healy
November: Mom and I at a FSU football game with Chief Osceola
November: Got my tattoo-- elpis, "Hope" in greek
December: Christmas day on the beach with my family
January: David and I missed each other so much so he drove down to see me for 3 days...I introduced him to Ikea and I think he liked it! ;-) Well, at least he liked pretending to live in the houses.
Feb/March: DANGIT, stupid computer left the Feb picture out...pretend. It was pic of Crystal and I on our carribean cruise all dressed up!! And for March, David and I spent 2 beach vacations with family in two different places all in one weekend!
April: Easter at David's family's house. :-)

...Have no pics for the next 2 months. It was nice to look through the last year and see God's grace in my life and His many blessings. It is always good to count them!